RAM Capital is an independent finance provider, offering a range of solutions for businesses of all sizes. We have partnered with non-bank providers to introduce finance, funding and FX solutions into the Irish market. We have a track record of introducing new financers into Ireland and effectively ‘funding the funders’.

The financial landscape has changed. The mainstream providers of credit, funding and FX are being challenged from all sides by more efficient alternatives. RAM Capital has created an ecosystem of partners that are ready to exploit opportunities in this ever changing and challenging landscape.

We have excellent relationships with some of the best non-bank providers of finance in Ireland. Our aim is to provide a solution based approach for companies at all stages of their growth cycle.



Our focus is business growth and expansion, cash flow solutions and freeing up equity. We provide flexible solutions to finance assets and balance sheets via a range of options including asset based lending, hire purchase, finance lease, operating lease, invoice discounting and contract hire.

Our partners are experienced banking executives that pride themselves on a solution driven approach. We understand each situation is unique. Our goal is to facilitate our clients’ needs with the most appropriate finance partner for each circumstance.


FX Solutions

Our focus is on service, product and price. We specialise in spot transactions and currency risk management solutions such as forwards and market rate orders. We add immediate and tangible value through our competitive pricing model, particularly when compared to the traditional banks.

We have partnered with one of the world’s largest non-bank providers of foreign payment solutions who have been in business for 37 years. We provide a dedicated account executive and tailored service for our corporate, institutional and SME customers.



Our focus is to increase the finance options within Ireland. We have a track record of ‘funding the funders’ by introducing and creating new financers in Ireland. We have sourced partners that can provide both equity and debt for origination, purchase and securitisation of both consumer and commercial loan books.

We have access to deals, investors and finance partners for a range of investment and financing. This includes but is not limited to equity and debt for real estate, development land, and business growth opportunities.



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